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Yong Kwan Taekwondo has now been training at Trimdon Grange Community Centre for the past twelve months.

At present the club membership is approximately thirty students ranging from white belt to second Dan Black Belt, in addition the club has four Black Belt instructors.

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The club trains two nights per week, Friday and Sunday. Friday night is a designated night for new students, Sunday night for higher grades to spar (contact fighting).

Students are welcome at the club from age of five years old, although it is requested that a parent or guardian stay until the child is comfortable to be left alone. Members of the local community are more than welcome to watch a training session; juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Once a parent is happy for the child to take up Taekwondo full time, the student must be insured via the AMA at a cost of £10.00.

The cost of a training session is £2.50, discounts are available to families of three or more.

Every three months students grade to progress to the next Kup level (belt), cost is £15.00 this is an optional exam, Teakwondo may be used as a way to get fit or to learn self defence skills.

The club recently purchased 25 jigsaw mats to cover the floor while sparring. The club is more than happy for other members of the Community Centre to use the mats.

The Club is now fully equipped with various kicking pads sparring equipment and breaking boards, which is quite an achievement in such as short time.



If you are interested in joining Taekwondo, please come on Friday or Sunday evening at 6p.m.

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If you require any more information or have any queries, please e-mail me at or Telephone 07739169477.

Ian Foster
Senior Instructor
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